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Q: I ordered a subscription on February 25th and its already March 13th. Why hasn't my order been shipped out yet?

A: Subscription kits are sent out around the end of each month/start of the following month. For first time subscribers, the deadline is the 23rd of any given month. We need about a week to put the subscription kits together and have the shipping labels ready. Once a shipping label has been generated, you will receive a notification containing a tracking number for your reference.


Q: I am trying to log into my account and when I try to reset my password it says my email address is not found. How can that be? I have an existing subscription with you. Please help!

A: An account needs to be created by you on our website in order for you to manage your account, the link can be found here.



Q: I ordered a Pre-Order planner back in January, its has already been two month. Why hasn't my order been shipped out yet?

A: (Updated as of March 13th, 2023) The undated Common Planners are on their way to us. It will probably take at least 2 weeks for us to receive them as large shipments always take longer.

As mentioned before, the undated Common Planners came by very suddenly so unlike the dated Common Planner that we had planned for many months in advance, we had to order the tomoe river paper during the holiday season right when we announced them. The tomoe river paper takes time to ship, in addition to the biggest holiday in China taking place soon after, there were some delays with production of the undated.

However, we are happy to say that we should still be able to ship these out in late March. As usual, we will do our own quality check and start to dispatch them. Orders that have combined stickers will be pushed to the end of the queue as we need to ship these out in the most efficient manner.

The notebook with gilded edge pre-order in (TN, Weeks, A5 and A6 (520 page only) will finish production soon. These notebooks were already in production and we just asked the manufacturer to change a portion of them into gilded edge which is why these will be available before the B6 and A6 (260 page) notebooks.
The B6 and A6 260 page version were produced first in mostly white edge and a very limited amount with gilded edge were shipped to us first. Due to how popular the gilded edge version was, we decided to do a pre-order for all the sizes and had to place a new order for the B6 and A6 with gilded edge again as they sold out very quickly.
We will filter out the orders and ship out pre-orders with TN Weeks A5 (both 260 and 520 page version) and A6 520 page version first and ship out the orders with B6 and A6 later when we receive them. That was a lot of information but I hope it all makes sense!



Q: Are you sold out of the Common Planners? I don't see them on the website.

A: The 2023 Common Planner is indeed out of stock. However, we are developing the 2024 Common Planner and will be taking pre-orders soon, please stay tuned as we will keep everyone updated through our social media outlets.