CURRENTLY FULFILLING: PASSPORT ONLY 2024 CP PRE-ORDERS. Shipping Rate over $35 USD: Domestic Free Shipping, Canada: $6 USD, Rest of the World: $8 USD. Current processing time is up to 5 business days.



Q: When will my pre-order ship?

A: We anticipate them being shipped out late September and throughout October assuming there are no hiccups during production.


Q: Ow no! I missed out on the pre-order. Will you have ready to ship launch later?

A: We will do it the same way we have always done, we will have pre-order, order extra then launch the extra after we ship off all the pre-order. We can never guess accurately what the demand is after a pre-order, so we can only make an educated guess or simply meet the minimum order amount with the factory. So it depends on how many people order during the ready-to-ship launch, items might or might not sell out quickly. There were a lot of complaint last year regarding this, but we always give customers every opportunity to secure their planner through the pre-ordering process.


Q: Can you mix colours for half year? This was available last year for 2023 pre-order.

A: Unfortunately no because this would add an additional 60 SKUs to the existing 190 SKUs that we are offering for 2024. This would be impossible for us when it comes to the fulfilment time in September/October especially when all the pre-orders must be shipped off very close together. Last year for 2023 pre-order we only had 6 SKUs (1 size, 2 types, and 2 colours only). This year we are offering 6 sizes, 3 types, and 5 colours as well as gold and white edge options.


Q: Can you order clear covers and timeline washi with planner pre-orders?

A: Yes and they will ship together with the planners when everything is ready.


Q: Which clear cover for the half year and compact full year planner?

A: Since both are 272 pages, you can get the half year clear covers made for 260 page notebooks. However since the covers are thicker than previous versions, the clear covers will be tight or even appear to not fit at first. But you can definitely use the blow dryer heat method to stretch out the cover a bit. The difference shouldn't be too much so it should work.


Q: What is the difference between compact and full year?

A: Compact only has 122 pages of blank pages with page numbers and Full year has 370 pages of blank pages with page numbers. Total page count for the compact is 272 pages and full year is 520 pages. This is covered in the video so please make sure you watch our YouTube video to make sure you are completely certain of what you are ordering as we do not accept cancellations and returns.


Q: Which ones have horizontal layout?

A: Only passport, weeks and TN standard have horizontal options. Again we couldn't create horizontal for all the sizes because we are jumping from offering only 1 size, 2 types, and 2 colours from 2023 to now offering 6 sizes, 3 types of planners, and 5 colours with gold and white edge options so we cannot create one of every type for all the different sizes.




Q: Are you sold out of the 2023 Common Planners? I don't see them on the website.

A: The 2023 Common Planner is indeed out of stock. 


Q: Will undated be offered in all the layouts and cover colours?

A: Not right now as we still have some undated inventory to go through. Once we go through the inventory, we will reassess what the demand is for the undated and in which sizes. I am not sure if we will be able to create the exact replica of all of the SKUs that we had released for the 2024 planners in undated form yet as that is a lot of variety and so far we are seeing that the demand for undated is a fraction of that of the dated planners so we might not even meet the minimum to order these for all the sizes and variations.


Q: Will the notebooks be offered in the new cover colours?

A: We still have existing notebook inventory to go through before we can order new ones. As we are still a very small and young shop, we cannot keep on bringing new items in. So again, we have to wait till we work through the current notebook inventory before we can order new ones. I cannot say when that would be as of right now as it really depends on how soon they will sell out.


Q: Sunday start planners?

A: We receive very few Sunday start planners on occasions. In comparison, there are way more people using Monday start and requests for other sizes. So we are designing based on demand from our customers.


Q: I prefer the paper cover, would they be available as planners again?

A: I am sad that the paper covers are gone too and the decision to switch to PU cover was an extremely difficult one. However, we had to respond to the customer demand as we were receiving so many requests to switch the covers. However again with anything, we are here to listen and provide and service our customers. So if there is a demand to bring back the black linen cover, we will certainly revisit this. If you prefer paper cover, I would probably grab the notebooks now, as they might not return in the future.


Q: My spine of the planner is curving outwards. Will this be fixed in the new planner?

A: This is actually completely normal for this type of binding. The stitched binding allows the book to open flat and with use (doesn't matter if you add stickers or not) with repeated open and close, the spine will curve outwards.


Q: What does "Imperfect" mean?

A: We do our own quality control after we've received the inventory, here are some typical examples of what we deem as "imperfect."

- Grid lines not lining up, especially open spreads.

- Blemishes on the cover such as glue, stain, glitter.

- Minor scratches on the gilded edge.




Q: I ordered a subscription on July 25th and its already August 13th. Why hasn't my order been shipped out yet?

A: Subscription kits are sent out around the start of the following month. For first time subscribers, the deadline is the 23rd of any given month. We need about a week to put the subscription kits together and have the shipping labels ready. Once a shipping label has been generated, you will receive a notification containing a tracking number for your reference.


Q: I am trying to log into my account and when I try to reset my password it says my email address is not found. How can that be? I have an existing subscription with you. Please help!

A: An account needs to be created by you on our website in order for you to manage your account, the link can be found here.

Q: What will be the size of the vellum calendar freebie for next year's subscription?

A: We will stick to B6 calendar I think because it's the middle size. Unfortunately we cannot do a customized subscription where you can pick your vellum calendar size as we are able to keep subscription cost low because every kit is the same so this reduces our production cost. However the digital files for these will all be available for free ahead of time and will also be available for sale on the website in physical form.