About Us


Catherine is an Interior Designer as well as a Registered Architect with a passion for stationery, love of floral and watercolor, and a sentiment for the analogue.

The inception of Sterling Ink took shape in the fall of 2018 when she became pregnant with her son, Stirling. As she began her journey towards motherhood appreciating this sense of wonder, Catherine was fascinated with the notion of purity and innocence. Her drawings and illustrations strove to convey this simple and romantic concept. It would serve as a vehicle in her endeavor to create a brand that was both sentimental and meaningful.

Catherine had always yearned to merge two sensibilities. On one side, meeting pragmatic sensibilities; she wanted to create a platform for individuals to collect their thoughts, and channel their creativity through pen on paper. On the other hand, the idea of being whisked away into a whimsical garden, encircled by flora and fauna was an alluring vision of the imagination. This vision would inspire her to create an elevated stationery product line that resonates with the romantic at heart.